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Furnace Repair

Diagnosing your gas furnace repair job can be tough for your average homeowner. A gas furnace is simple in essence but can be a complex contraption to work on.

Conventional Gas Furnace Repair Advice

Let’s review what a gas furnace does from a technical aspect to better understand how a gas furnace should be repaired:

  • First, gas furnaces take in cold air.
  • Furnaces then clean the air using an air filter.
  • It then heats the air using a gas burner and a steel heat exchanger.
  • It finishes by distributing the heated air through a blower motor and into ductwork within your home.

This process is cycled and repeated through return ductwork located throughout your home. This recycling helps retain the heated air and increases efficiency.

Most problems with gas furnaces are simple. Your pilot light will keep the gas burner running – when these go out, don’t expect that gas furnace to be pumping out any heat in your home! These can often be lit simply by carefully following the instructions on located on or within your furnace. Occasionally, your furnace may have an electronic ignition which could be cause for concern and require further review.

If you’ve inspected your furnace and checked the status of your pilot light to no avail, it may be time to call in the pros. The expert team at Florida Air Conditioning & Heating can help you diagnose your furnace repair problem and offer a solution that will help guarantee your family’s comfort all winter long.

Furnace Service & Tune-Ups

Florida Air Conditioning & Heating recommends your heating system be tuned up on an annual basis (or more often, depending on usage). Tuning up your system is more than just a filter change; it is a 26-point safety inspection by NATE-certified technicians to make sure your home furnace system is running optimally. Regular tune-ups ensure the longevity of your system, save you money on operational costs, and keep repair bills to a minimum.

Furnace Maintenance Plans

The Florida Air Conditioning & Heating Maintenance Club offers a discounted 1- 2- or 3-year prepaid maintenance plan. As a Maintenance Club member, you’ll enjoy these benefits:

  • Priority service, allowing you to “skip the queue” for service calls. We will service your system within 24 hours of your call.
  • 10% discount on parts and labor.
  • We call you when you’re due for your next tune-up, so your regular maintenance visits won’t be missed or forgotten.
  • Access to special discounts and coupons throughout the year.

With chilly winter nights seemingly always around the corner it’s best to make sure your furnace repairs are done early! Don’t wait for a cold night to get your furnace repair completed; make sure your system is in top shape heading into Fall & Winter. The Florida Air team knows that your family’s comfort is important.

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